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Creative Freedom Through Art and Photography

August 14th, 2020

Creative Freedom Through Art and Photography

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” ~ Jim Morrison

{This idea of freedom is not something easy for me. I spent several years trying to please others and forgot about what makes me happy. Its going to be a long road ahead, but I look forward to working on my artistic and personal freedom. I get strength in drawing from life. In the moment, I’m deep into my mind/art and at that point nothing else matters.}

“Le roi lézard” ©Kim Sowa – Watercolor Painting on Acid-Free Paper 11″X 14″

I wrote that 4 years ago and so much has changed for me and my art. Since then and especially during this COVID-19 time we are in, I’ve been staying at home more, working on an intuitive art process that has allowed me to create without fear or judgement. I worry less about the outcome and open up to enjoy the process more. This approach has also helped me in my daily life as well. Feeling less fearful of what others think and able to speak my mind more from a place of authenticity, love and compassion.


I have been an artist for over 20 years ( and a professional photographer ( for the past 5 years. In my experience; the concept of intuitive art has helped me recover from some of the lowest points in my life. In my teens and 20’s I dealt with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Currently in my 30’s, I looked back and discovered why I felt and still feel so deeply about things; being an introvert (with some extroversion), able to hyper-focus while being a polymath and highly sensitive person. (Which are all my super powers by the way) I turned to photography and fine art.

“The Space Within” ©Kim Sowa – 2017


After hitting rock bottom about 10 years ago, I finally found peace and empowerment by taking nature walks with my camera. It ultimately allowed me to let go of the unnecessary pressure to feel like I had to achieve perfection or be in competition with others.

In releasing this idea of perfectionism, I was able to ground myself into the present moment and fully immerse myself into the healing properties and infinite abundance of beauty that mother nature has to offer. Yes, there are many photographers that capture nature, but I’m OK with that! Put several photographers to the same environment and each one will find a different point of view to capture. I’ve experienced this first hand by participating in some local photography groups through, where 20 or more photographers were actively photographing in the same location.

I came to a conclusion that my style of outdoor photography is capturing what I view as art in nature. I use macro, wide angel, or telephoto lenses as I try not to limit myself in the creative freedom process.


When it comes to painting, I still get a brief rush of fear when I look at a blank canvas or paper. I have a temporary worry that it wont turn out well or I personally wont like it. I know that I just have to begin and those thoughts eventually melt away. The act of putting paint or ink on a prepared surface allows me to release the fear and go with the flow.

I apply paint to a canvas and mix colors without knowing how it will turn out; reminding myself that I can always paint over it and start again. Please try this at home. (Artist Tip – Pick your materials and colors in advance to help make the intuitive process a bit easier to be in the present moment.) Sometimes I start out with a concept in mind and other times I just start, but the core of artwork is still a spontaneous one for me.


I have also used larger paint pens or markers to write out my fears embracing and accepting whatever emotion I am feeling in the moment. I typically cover them up with positive words or paint over it completely. Either way it is extremely therapeutic. My ultimate goal is not to achieve “perfection”, but to provide an alternate look into the way we can move through art and life with grace and ease and discover our unique benefits from creative freedom. I end a work of art when it feels right for me. This freedom process can be art on its own or it can lead to an awaking in your own art exercise.

“Self Reflection” © Kim Sowa – Mixed Media Collage Painting on Canvas – Awarded ‘Best of Show’ at the Naperville Art League, June 2020


I have had to work hard to bypass all of these negative thought patterns while digging deep to see that my fear was created from years of inner and societal conditioning. With the help of Michael and Jessica Sandler at, their automatic writing techniques and various online workshops; I started to journal more and asked important questions like “Why am I here?” “What special gifts/talents do I have to share?” “What small step can I do today to push me forward on my path?”. I ultimately realized that I am not here to sit back and watch other people follow their dreams.

The most important thing that I discovered is coming into whole alignment with mind, body and soul to heal past wounds, “mistakes” and FEARs through art and photography. Experiencing creative freedom has been the driving force that will continue empower and awaken my soul. I set an intention that what I put out in the world is in perfect harmony with my highest good to support myself and others. I hope this inspires you to experience creative freedom in your life and above all else have fun with it.

Let me know if this resonates with you and if you have any creative freedom experiences of your own.

“The future is uncertain, but the end is always near.” Quote by Jim Morrison

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